Shon’s Bike – Ski – Stay

Every new photo shoot I go on is an adventure. Shon’s Bike • Ski • Stay in Nakusp, BC, was no exception. From the moment I arrived and met with Shon and Brent, I knew this place was special, and was no ordinary business.

Eclectic Combo

Showcases the exterior of Shon's Bike, Ski and Stay in Nakusp

First of all, it combines biking and skiing with a guesthouse, great custom coffee in the bistro, and . . . it’s all located in a 1910 opera house. You can get your bike serviced, shop for biking, cycling, hiking and ski gear, all amid a glorious collection of funky and vintage items.

To showcase the live edge bar top that looks into the bike maintenance area.

Customers love sitting at the live edge bar that overlooks the mechanical pit and the lounge area. Look around and you’ll see a couple of vintage bikes on the wall and a record collection as eclectic as it is large. There’s something here for all tastes. There’s even an organ in the bike shop that’s been around since 1905. And yes, they have a great internet connection here.

The Guest House

This was one of the cleanest places I’ve ever stayed. The bed was so well made it almost felt wrong climbing into it that night. There were so many things to look at and learn about at Shon’s. The gorgeous red chair in the main room of the guesthouse came from a church. The building is turn of last century old, with these amazing timbers throughout.

Photo and Virtual Tour Shoot

On the day of the photoshoot, things went smoothly. The staff were well prepared for Google and social media shots. They have cleaned and dusted absolutely everything for the product and promo photos, and ensured all products were facing towards the camera. They also had some great ideas for people shots.  Working with this company was about as easy as it gets in this business.
When we were done, the clients absolutely loved the photos.

Brent had this to say about them. “Jody this is so awesome! Checked them out on Google yesterday, we were so pumped.  It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for the fine job, very professional!”

Turn Table at Shons Bike Ski Stay Nakusp

Explore and Connect

One of the great things that Shon’s offers is suggestions on where to explore. Ask anyone there and they’ll tell you their favourite spot for adventuring.

Brent has a Top 5 Trails list and a Top 5 Things to do in the Spring.

You can also connect with Shon’s on Facebook and Instagram.

The next time you are in Nakusp be sure to check them out. If you can’t make it in person, check out the virtual tour we created for them, on their homepage and guesthouse page.

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